Food 4thought...


One man muddles through the day
Another holds tight onto insanity
It bears no relevance now in your life
Please let go NOW of all that strife

You go to the 'Doc' with an 'eavy 'e'd:
"I want to give up, just wanna drop down Dead!"
So you get told to take a pill...
Goodness, Gracious! A brand NEW Thrill!

Now that you can carry on;
Take on the world! - Bring it on!
You're so Happy :)
The sore head gone...



It's a word my brain was screaming at me;

Why(?) I thought - Is that me again trying to hide behind a wall of intellectual bullshit?

To settle the furore of thought, I was gonna Google the definition;
 However, my mobile was 'feeding on the A/C' and the idea of disturbing the refuelling process =
 unwanted, unhealthy cries of starvation later in the day from the phone
possible/probable (Do you feel Lucky Punk?) 'important communication' difficulties arising.

So I dug out my
('long time no see' but as the internet isn't yet ubiquitous it's a necessary backup tool)
'Shorter Oxford English dictionary' and the accompanying inference thesaurus too..

'Stealthy', 'subtle', 'cunning' or 'trecherous' - there's the coin..

From my own perspective the 1st&2nd definitions appeal instantly.
The 3rd makes me think of Baldrick from Blackadder who had that sort of plan.
And the 4th induces a sense of non-conformity
(which is, generally speaking, more of an uphill struggle.)

Ramble, ramble...


A thesaurus allows a subject to be considered from an another point of view:
 'insidious'; from such a source offered 'deceptive'..
- or basically being 'economical with the truth'
 (sorry, there's politics everywhere- for now anyways)

So, nobody wants to face a lawsuit right?
The Doc who is the 'Man with D-manah' sure wants to help..

Image result for therefore symbol
"Take a tablet..."                    ("...NEXT!")

Socially speaking though, our intellectual journey is accelerating,
as with the need to 'dampen' this controversial line of thought... HOWEVER:

New discoveries are now relentless.
Vast 'distances' traveled far more quickly


pills from the past should be relinquished there...

NEW!Medication is constantly being developed eliminating old & bad side effects -

Don't turn your back on the medical professionals because of a fear of social stigmas.

Face your fears and they will disappear.

That ubiquitous eye


Interactive Multimedia Creation

My shadow
Me & my shadow

A wee Bass guitar riff recorded recently

Bird drinking

COOL! Let's go Surfing


MC Escher Aspirations:

H2Oon the go

  • I day-dream of flight because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things.
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