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Westone Spectrum

ST bass

My first bass guitar

Touching on a new branch on

my tree called life in '95

This was the first way I began

to rebuild my mind.

It belongs (and the picture

caught by) a man who still

offers musical inspiration and

insight to many around him;

spinning gobe

I've seen other images representing music

this is one I created for the page for

graphical interest.

Westfileld bass guitar

My first bought

guitar, a Westfield,

played for

They came from

planet Earth@St

Brides Centre

in June '95

Mentors are Swesome!

"Perseverance & development”

3rd July 2020

"Relentless” - 30th June 2020

"Slide Over"- session cut 250620

bass guitar

After being in a coma for a month, I found my left hand clenched to my chest and required physiotherapy to regain some flexibility.

The bass guitar was perfect encouragement.

The examples above are in a chronological order for progress on my play.

I think flow has begun

Original work

Fender Mustang
The dawning begins