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Princes st So I had started another day with the schedule of attending a studio I use.

Jump in a taxi, then onto a tram, disembark @Princes st, grab a coffee...

The exchange of friendly banter happens upon arrival and the mental focus upon productivity begins

Without warning: Honey suckle drifts to my ears. Whipping round my head and..

Eureka, my premier portrait



Joyous laughter she throws her head upwards towards the studio skylight.

She turns her head casually and at that precise moment the heavens opened the curtain of cloud covering the sky

the sparkle in her eyes fuelled my desire immediately...

The Eyes that Sparkle

A Dream will not be realised without existence
or as some might say..

Although ye canny run the world
just you mind wit ye've been told!

Dinnae grumble aboot a jot
just dream one day ye'll get the lot!

Because ye know as life be told
hold onto right an’ ye'll aye find Gold

Nurture ideas that reveal Gold;

the Those eyesyThe Right eyes that sparkle...

Eyes on rose