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Welcome to a creative haven.

Find a unique

selection of bespoke

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 5 Bespoke creations

Celtic pattern
Promise sphere

Designs are originally hand-drawn


the bespoke jewellery crafted

with caring hands.

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Promise globe

Each jewellery set of is

completely unique thanks

to our bespoke creation process.

crystal framed

Flwer of life

This set of hand-made earrings

has been crafted using

sparkled/czech glass,

Tibetan silver charms &

925 silver ear-hooks.

Only £18 including P&P

Ocean Colour earings

Hand-made Mosaic effect earrings with

czech glass held comfortably with

925 silver ear-hooks

Only £15 including P&P

Our bespoke jewellery grows continually.

Below are idea boards filled with fresh creations; zoom into the pictures and witness the

intricate detail in all of our designs.

Our bespoke jewellery

Sunday 27th September:

- 50 Shades of grey

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